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Tomasz Kacperski’s Law Firm serves both entrepreneurs and individual clients. Advocate Tomasz Kacperski and the team of lawyers that cooperate with his law firm put passion in their work. They base their experience on new technologies and adopt a modern approach towards a Client and his/her cases.
What characterizes our practice is our deep knowledge of the rules behind running a business, as well as a thorough understanding of the many intricate regulations within the legal system in Poland.
The main service that the Law Firm provides is legal service to economic entities in the internet, advertising, start-up, new technologies and e-commerce sectors. We are proud of our thorough experience, in particular as a long-standing in-house lawyer for big international enterprises. What is more, we continue to deepen our knowledge which, in addition to our commitment, allows us to advise our Clients effectively and help them build their success.


Corporate law and Start-up
Contract law
Copyright and advertising
Industrial and intellectual property rights
Internet law (e-commerce IT technologies)
Commercial law including transformations, allotments and mergers of companies
Regulations related to debt prosecutions
Protection of personal data


The Law Firm offers legal service to economic entities as well as natural persons.
We adopt two forms cooperation as far as legal service for companies id concerned: comprehensive legal assistance with a lump sum fee, or attendance to individual cases based on each commission ending in renumeration for work done per hour or agreed by both the parties.
The scope of services for economic entities and natural persons includes in particular:


drawing up contracts for companies and supervising the registration process (National Courst Register, Inland Revenue, Register of National Economy Entities)
legal advice
drawing up expert’s reports
counselling and taking part in negotiations over civil and economic agreements
drawing up agreements, regulations, statues
company restructuring
carrying out others cases commissioned by the clients
supervising company’s daily proceedings: resolutions and changes in the company’s organs and their registration
legal defence of the clients’ and consumers’ interests
drawing up letters and applications regarding all civil cases
representing clients in the common courts of law, carrying out execution proceedings
carrying out administrative prodecures in all organs of pubic administration as well as accusatory procedures in administrative courts
counselling and criminal defence



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